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Dan Breznitz on Why the U.S. "Can't Even Produce the Things It Invented"

Episode Summary

Back in January, Dan Breznitz co-authored an insightful op-ed for The New York Times on how the desire for short-term gains led the United States to offshore much of its production. That policy choice caused the loss of millions of good-paying jobs and left the U.S. unable to respond in a crisis. Now Breznitz is out with a new book, "Innovation in Real Places: Strategies for Prosperity in an Unforgiving World," which looks at ways to promote innovation policy that benefits as many people as possible. AAM President Scott Paul chats with Breznitz about the book, and what the United States must do to bring critical manufacturing back. More on the book:…ces&lang=en&cc=us The New York Times op-ed:…states-masks.html